Tax Audits

Unfortunately, some individuals find themselves having problems with taxing authorities. Larsen, Gangloff and Larsen knows that tax audits, back taxes, liens or even just a letter of inquiry from the IRS can be very intimidating. And to make matters more difficult, government personnel can be unsympathetic when dealing directly with the taxpayer. Our capable team is ready to help with any tax problem you or someone you know may be having. Many times small problems can become big problems if not handled properly and on a timely basis. We have years of experience and have developed professional rapport with these government agencies. Our seasoned staff can help with composition of letters to the taxing authorities, consultation during tax audits and representation resolving matters that may be heading to tax court. If you’re being audited, let us help. Let us attend the audit meetings on your behalf so you can spend your time on more important and more pleasant matters.

Call us right away to help avoid a real mess.