Income Tax

At Larsen, Gangloff and Larsen, we have found the only way to benefit from the tax law is to thoroughly know the tax law.

You may realize that the income tax laws have become very complicated over the years. As the tax experts, we keep abreast of these constantly changing laws and codes. We offer our proficiency to individuals and businesses alike to gain the greatest tax benefits allowed under the law. Our competent staff members are equipped to prepare returns for all tax situations:

  • Personal Income Tax Returns
  • Corporate Tax Returns
  • Partnership Returns
  • Estate Tax Returns
  • Fiduciary Tax Returns

Additionally, we can complete returns for any state. Prior year returns are no problem either. We can even file your income tax returns electronically for quicker processing.

As computer technology and programming continues to grow, many people are trying to handle major financial work on their own. Unfortunately, without knowledge of the tax laws many benefits are lost. Some customers are returning to us after finding “At Home” computer tax programs can lead to costly errors and audits. Our professional assistance in all your tax matters can help assure you of the highest tax benefits.

Careful tax planning is also very important. Our trained accountants are available to help you prepare for the future. Many financial matters can have severe tax effects if handled without knowledge of the tax codes. Often even a small amount of professional advice can help you make “informed” decisions. We want to use our know-how to assist you in these matters. Discussing the tax consequences before you make major financial decisions may save you time and money.

Your appointment is only a quick phone call away.